Bearden High School Class of 1978
West Hills - 4th Grade Picture

Below is a picture from West Hills Elementary School from Ms. Prince's 4th grade class that Cindy Golden Contreras was kind enough to e-mail for us. Several Class of 78 grads are in the picture and as best we can tell here's the Who's Who of the picture:

Row 1 (seated L to R) -- Alan Lyle, Tony Pagano, Doug Harris, Mark Elmore, John Craig, Dale Phillips

Row 2 -- Chrissy Anagnost, Michelle Pickens, Susie Markley, Debbie Edwards, Cindy Golden, Melany Anderson, Kelly Conway, Mary Ann Chapman

Row 3 -- Mrs. Prince, David Beahm, Debbie Butler, Rick Hensley, Ken Lacey, Karen Thor, Lisa Cohen, Shawn Ayers, DeeDee Hinds, Joe Prochaska

Row 4 -- Teresa Robbins, Glenn Reynolds, Paul Raffensperger, Eddie Patty, Jamie Kerr, Jackie Phillips, Bryan Synder, Dawn Ford

West Hills -- Ms. Prince's 4th Grade Class