Bearden High School Class of 1978

Class Member News

Donna (Adams) Cooper

Donna has retired from the lab and has become a grandmother since her last update. She lives in Sevierville with her husband, Rick, and their youngest son, Grady. Grady is a sophomore in pre-Pharmacy (like his Dad).

Their middle child, Emily, is married to Brooks Ogle. They also live in Sevierville and are the parents of Donna's only grandchild, Cooper Ogle. Cooper was born on August 24, 2006 and passed away on April 30, 2007. He was a beautiful child who suffered from DiGeorge Syndrome. Emily works for Sea Ray and Brooks recently enlisted in the USAF.

Their oldest child, Laura, is married to Aaron. Laura is a Iraqi war veteran currently serving as Captain in the Air Force Reserves at the Pentagon. Aaron is also a USAF officer.

Brent Borreson

Brent has lived in New York City for about the past 5 years. He is still doing hair and works at Cutler salon on their editorial staff (doing shoots for magazines etc.). he also works for Redken doing hair shows around the world and teaching at their academy on 5th avenue in New York City. For his full bio, take a look at his very nice website at You will also find galleries and some video there of his work. Take a look; it's a very well done web site.

Debbie (Butler) Hughes

Debbie and her husband sold their business, Sunworks, about five years ago. They are now retired and live half the year in Ohio and the other half in Colorado. They are in West Chester, Ohio from May through October, and then in Colorado from November through April. They also volunteer at Beaver Creek Mountain as Mountain Tour Guides on Sundays. They would love to ski with anyone that comes out to Vail or Beaver Creek. :-) Depending on their family reunion this summer, they hope to make it to the Class Reunion!

David Cantrell

David is now working for IFP Custom Processing. His role is Technical Sales Manager and he works out of his home office in Austin, Texas. David and family have lived in Austin for two years and love the area. His son Gavin is a sophmore and is running cross country and track (just like his father). His daughter is in 8th grade and is involved in choir (not like her father). In his spare time he is still running and spend alot of time sailing on lake Travis.

Reid Davis

Reid is a an Assistant Professor and Outreach Mathematician at the University of Tennessee , and he has a web site where you can visit to catch up on what he's doing:

Teri Diane Hart

Teri graduated Magna Cum Laude from nursing school and is working on her Masters of Science in Nursing. She currently works as a consultant traveling across the country helping hospitals installing clinical computer systems. Teri has had two beautiful daughters, Michelle and Lilly, but unfortunately, Michelle died at birth and she lost her daughter Lilly in October 2001.

Cindy (Golden) Contreras

Cindy and her husband Mario recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Their oldest son, Mario, 24, lives in Detroit and works for Ford Motor Co. as a financial analyst. Their youngest son, Eric, 22, is graduating from the University of Dayton in May and has a job lined up with General Electric in their marketing department.

Candy (Herron) Malinowski

Candy is the Manager of a Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Charlotte, NC called Sona Laser Center.  They do laser hair removal, and will soon offer laser facial rejuvenation as well.  So, Candy expects a lot of our classmates to come to Charlotte for treatments before the big reunion!  :-)

Melanie (Hester) Kuhnhenn

Melanie and family moved to Minnesota in April, 2006, following her husbands job, and their new address is on the Class Member List. She is celebrating her 24th wedding anniversary this year with husband, Mark. Their daughter Megan, 22, is finishing her B.A. in Education with a math minor, and their son son, Matthew, 20, finished 2 years of college in Indiana and has moved to Minnesota with us to finish his degree in Japanese and Journalism. They are very close to the Mall of America, and have indicated that if anyone gets up that way, they should give her a call.

Ginny (Hill) McCartha

As many of you may know, Ginny married Harvey McCartha (Bearden Class of 76).  Unfortunately, Harvey passed away this past March.  Ginny thought maybe those of you in the class who knew Harvey would like to know. Ginny's daughter Heather is married and living in Beaumont, TX and is expecting her 3rd child.  Her son Brandon lives in Charlotte and has a little boy named Jacob.  All of Ginny's grandkids are boys.  Ginny says that she is really looking forward to our reunion and she can't wait to see other classmates.  She hopes to be sending a picture of everyone in her family soon, since her daughter and her brood are flying in to see Ginny for Mother's Day.

Susan (Hylton) LeHoven

Press release sent by Susan:

Footage Shot by TV  Juice  Productions to Air Nationally

--Kilauea, Kauai, TV Juice Productions, a local video production company, was chosen by Universal Pictures to be the EPK (electronic press kit) Crew for Academy Award winner Brian Grazer's latest film, "Blue Crush," which will open in theaters August 16th.  The movie was filmed on Oahu and stars Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez and  Kauai native, Sanoe Lake.  Behind-the-scenes footage shot by TV Juice is being aired on national programs including "Entertainment Tonight" and E!'s "Hollywood Heatwave."

TV Juice Productions was also the EPK crew for "Dragonfly" starring Kevin Costner and "Six Days/Seven Nights" starring Harrison Ford and Anne Heche.

Other current projects for TV Juice include the production of the informational DVD about WorkWise!, which was recently presented to Kauai's business community at three WorkWise! luncheons, and the Music and Sound Design for the Kauai Film Commission's internet flash piece, which is part of the web site that won 1st place against all the cities, counties and regions who entered the Association of Film Commissioners International Marketing Awards Competition held at the Locations Tradeshow in Los Angeles in April 2002.

TV Juice Productions is a fully equipped award winning professional video production company owned and operated by Tony and Susan LeHoven, based out of Kilauea (see the pictures linked below).

Picture One (Large File)     Picture 2 (Large File)

Littrell, Leigh (Dawson)

Here is Leigh's quick update on the Dawson clan.  Leigh and her husband Bill have been married for 17 years. They work together in a business they started 15 years ago called Sports Fun Corporate Events . They sell, coordinate and facilitate corporate functions such as cocktail parties, family style company picnics, grand openings of businesses, Holiday parties, you name it - they can do it!  They are the "party people." How appropriate!  Leigh says it's a blast and there's not a better place to do that kind of job than there at the beaches in sunny FLORIDA! Leigh and Bill have two children.  Their son Brandyn is 15 years old and a Freshman (Leigh remembers being a Freshman, so she keeps a very close eye on him -- kidding).  Their daughter Cody is 13 years old and Leigh says she's a "little Leigh" if there ever was one.  Leigh's Mom is as energetic as she was as a PE teacher in Junior High, and she and Leigh's Dad live on Lake Tellico in Loudon.  So there you have it...Leigh's little update. She says she looks forward to seeing 'old' faces in July!

Missy (Mashburn) Parker

In July 2001, Missy became the new Director of Student Affairs and Advising Services at the university of Tennessee.  Her new position and career were the subject of a very nice article in Higher Ground, the newsletter of the university's College of Arts and Sciences.  Congratulations Missy!

David Rademacher

David wrote that he has heard from hardly anyone in the class since 1978.  He says he was a hell raiser and he guesses he could have been classified as a "FROCK."  He has been living a great life.  He went to college in Michigan and got his associates degree  in 1981.  He then went into the Navy and served from 1981 until 1989.  After leaving the service, he moved to Panama City, Florida and managed a home improvement company until 1994.  He then opened his own business in Pensacola, Florida in 1994.  It is called Horizon, and since the opening of the first location, he has opened three other locations throughout the panhandle of Florida.  He's doing great and lives in Pensacola.  He wonders if anyone voted him "most likely to achieve."  :-)  He was married for 9 years and has been divorced since 1992, and he has no children.  Now that he knows about the web site, he hopes to contact a few old friends and looks forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion. 

Brenda (Williams) Hawkes (Updated January 13, 2008)

Brenda is still married to Dave (27 years July 25, 2008), who is Global Product Manager for Danfoss Industries. Their daughter Meghan, age 22, graduated in May 2007 from Henderson State University. She is now going to Florence Italy for a six- month Italian Language Internship. Meanwhile, their daughter Erin, age 20, is a Junior at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville (Go Hogs!). She is currently in Barcelona Spain for spring semester. As for Brenda, she says this is where it gets interesting. Brenda is not currently working (and hasn't since July 2006). She is finally mending from a Breast Cancer Diagnoses made in May 2006. Brenda says that it has been bad, but she is finally over the worst part and is feeling better all of the time. She noted that her hair is back now but she should send a picture of herself bald, since it might make some of her male classmates feel better.

Brenda hopes to make it to the reunion. Meghan is due home right about that same time, so she's not sure about the timing. she will let us all know. Lastly, Brenda says to give everyuone her best wishes.