Bearden High School Class of 1978
Pam Milici Treece and Family

Below is a picture of Pam Milici Treece, her husband Mack, daughter Allyson and son Matthew. Pam met her husband, who is from East Knoxville, while attending UT and they got married in 1980. They then moved to Charlottesville, VA, and her husband graduated from the University of Virginia. They then moved to Washington, DC, where Pam's husband worked for Bell Atlantic and Pam worked for an orthodontist and finished her degree in Business Management at the University of Maryland. Then they moved to Wilmington, DE, and then to Europe for seven years where they lived in The Netherlands and the Czech Republic. They moved back to the US in Philadelphia and then to Atlanta in 1997. All these moves were related to Pam's husband's job! They have now lived in Atlanta for 5 years and can't believe they are still in the same place. Pam's husband now works for an international telecom company called Equant and travels overseas about 60% of the time. Pam is the "property manager" and parent. She also does a lot of volunteer work and household projects. Their daughter will be a freshman at the University of Georgia this fall and their son is in the 7th grade. They have three dogs and love to boat and hang out at their house on Lake Lanier when they have spare time.

Pam Milici Treece, husband Treece, daughter Allyson, and son Matthew.