Bearden High School Class of 1978
Jamey Kerr and Family

Below are two pictures of Jamey Kerr, his wife Jennifer, daughter Ashley and son Reid. Jamey says that not much has happened to him in the past 25 years. He got a job with Dick Broadcasting in '79, got a dog, wife and couple kids, in that order and that's about it! Elaborating just a bit more....

Everything mentioned above is true. Jamey is still working for Dick Broadcasting, a company he's been with for 24 years. He's the Operations Manager and National Sales Manager for Dick Broadcasting's two FM's in Greensboro, NC. In 1995, Jamey married Jennifer (yes, it took a while to find someone who would marry an Ogre like Jamey [his words, not mine]). Jennifer was a CPA with a public accounting firm. In 1998, their daughter Ashley was born and Jennifer became a stay at home mom. Their son Reid followed rather quickly in 2000. Now they do all things family, including having to go see that damn mouse in Orlando later this year. You can see their pictures below, and in case it's not evident, Jamey is the one on the left.

As for Jamey, he's been very involved with a PGA Tour event that comes to Greensboro every year; The Greater Greensboro Chrysler Classic. he has served on it's Executive Committee for 3 years and as part of the volunteer staff for about 12 years. He's still into Tennessee Football and tries to make it to a couple of games each year. He enjoys snow skiing, the beach and working around the house (just how boring can he be!). Jamey says his wife is great, the kids are fun, work is going really well and the dog won't die. All and all he has it pretty good! He looks forward to seeing everyone at the end of July!

Reid and Ashley Kerr

 Jamey, Reid, Ashley and Jennifer Kerr