Bearden High School Class of 1978
Jocelyne Champagne Shiner and Family

Here’s a bit of the latest info on my family:

Numerology for 2007: Chelsea turned 21 on January 21st, Austin turned 23 on April 23rd, Azalea (granddaughter) turned 3 on June 3rd, and Jessica will be 27 on the 27th of December. And yes, I played the lottery (to no avail) on 7/7/07.

Our eldest daughter Jessica will be wed to Ryan Worthington on October 6, 2007. She graduated from UT this spring with a BFA/sculpture major and is focusing on fine metals and jewelry. Jessica and Ryan will be moving to Germany next year for a couple of years while Ryan studies beer brewing. He is an International Business major and just the most incredible son-in-law-to-be that one could hope for.

Our youngest daughter Chelsea will be a Senior this fall at Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD). She plans on moving to the WA/OR area after graduation and a degree in Graphic Design.

Austin, in the middle of the 2 sisters, is still playing drums in 2 bands including one that was recently renamed UGBUT. They play down at the Downtown Grille and Brewery, their gig being the last Friday of each month. He worked for a while at Lakeshore Mental Health Institute as a Psych Tech, but after a patient (not his!) got loose and gave him a good concussion he opted for the building industry for a while.

Mike and I broke away from the corporate world over a year ago. We started our own company, C&S Studios, a combination of graphic design and fine arts studios. You can see our work at our website: We haven’t had much time recently for fine art as our main client of the year has us extremely busy with design. The Willows Communities including The Willows at Twin Cove, Norris Lake, is our main project. We have another 2 resorts after this to get off the ground. So, I’ve gone from in-house design department in the home healthcare industry to lakefront resort promotion and have a nice arm tan to show for it.

We became grandparents, as a lot of you know, 3 years ago to miss Azalea Jocelyne Marion Collins. She is Jessica’s daughter and lives with her paternal grandfather and step grandmother, Kevin and Jo Ann Collins. We have the very best of both worlds in that the adoption is open so Azalea knows us as Grandma and Grandpa and spends as much time with us as she can. She is such a joy in our lives with the hardest thing being that she lives in Fort Worth, Texas. Thank goodness for webcams and our Friday “playtime” together. Our favorite book to share is “If you give a mouse a cookie.”

Mom still lives in Blowing Rock, NC and we spend quite a bit of time with her. Pierre is in Knoxville, Gilles in Asheville, JoAnne in Debary (near Orlando) and Michel in Orlando.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. I’ll send some photos soon.