Bearden High School Class of 1978
Monica Eldridge

Below is a picture of Monica Eldridge. As you know, Monica passed away in a rock climbing accident in 2001. You can read about that accident in a story entitled 'Pair defined 'upwardly mobile'. In the story, one of Monica's guides to life was recounted. It goes as follows:

Live each day to the fullest
Get the most from each hour, each day
And each age of your life
Be yourself, but be your best self
Dare to be different/ And follow your own star
Don't be afraid to be happy
Enjoy what is beautiful
Love with all your heart and soul
Believe that those you love
Love you.
When you are faced with decision
Make that decision as wisely as possible then forget it
The moment of absolute certainty never arrives.
And above all, remember that
God helps those who help themselves
Act as if everything depended upon it
And pray as if everything depended upon God.

Monica Eldridge