Bearden High School Class of 1978
25 Year Reunion Pictures

Below are some reunion pictures from Saturday, July 26, 2003 at Gettysvue.  

Danya Cope, Julie Wilkerson and Jocelyne Champagne

Brenda Williams, Jocelyne Champagne and Mike Shiner


Cynthia Ensor

Marty Winfrey and ?

Lorraine (Thor's friend), Thor Sherman and Joe Prochaska

David and Gayle Cantrell and Tim Kirkland

Missy Smith, Kathi Williams and husband Greg Rogers

Pam Milici and Daughter Allyson

Kathi Williams and Bill Campbell

Terry Rimmer and ?

Lisa Temple

Kate Peebles and husband John Watson

Barry Brooke and Shayna Heins

Missy Minor

Kelle Shultz

Mindy Comer and Frank Kolinsky

Bill Brown and Joe Baker

Tony Pagano and Barry Brooke

Jamey Kerr and Lisa Cohen

John Temple and Doug Harris

Lacy Smith, Jill Wallace, Scott Ferguson, Rhonda Mixon, and Vandy Vance

Michelle Pickens, Sherra Sowards, Jocelyne Champagne, Dru Anne Bauer, and Buddy Heins

Parker Stair

Buddy Heins

Sherra Sowards and Margaret Schaad

Ty Chapman and Leigh Littrell

Buddy Heins, Rusty Ensor and Rick Hensley

Buddy Heins, Rusty Ensor and Rick Hensley


Tammy LaFevers, Jocelyne Champagne and Leigh Littrell

Cynthia Ensor and Shayna Heins

Bill ? and Caroline Dewhirst