Bearden High School Class of 1978
West Hills - 4th Grade Picture

Below is a picture from West Hills Elementary School from Ms. Delong's 4th grade class that Mark Simpson was kind enough to e-mail for us. Mark attended school with many of us through 9th grade at Bearden Junior High School, but was not with us in high school. Like in the other West Hills photo we have, many Class of 78 grads are in the picture and as best we can tell here's the Who's Who of the picture:

Row 1 (seated L to R) -- Andy Dean, Neil Stricklin, Tom Crowder, Joey Baker, Robert Smalley, George Nasios.

Row 2 -- Elizabeth Sayah, Vandy Vance, Starr Leming, Lori Deardorf, Melissa Alverson, Judy Guy, Carol Shawn, Leann Robbins.

Row 3 -- Mrs. Mabel Delong, David Brown, Catherine Bayer, Dennis Williams, Marti Winfrey, Mark Simpson, Chris Simpson, Doug Spencer, Mark Goosie.

Row 4 -- David Marable, Elizabeth Coffin, Faith Shapless, Harriet Reddick, Catherine Campbell, Buddy Heins, Barry Moss, Steve Norris.

West Hills -- Ms. Delong's 4th Grade Class