Bearden High School Class of 1978
30 Year Reunion Pictures
Fox Den Country Club

Below are some reunion pictures from Saturday, July 26, 2008 at Fox Den Country Club sent by Michelle Pickens Decker.  

Jim Decker and Lisa Cohen Kolinsky

Lacy Smith Wallace and Lisa Cohen Kolinsky

Vandy Vance Kanaday, Rusty Ensor and Sherra Sowards Gillespie

Jim Decker, Greg McWhorter and Ben Broome

Lisa and John Temple

John Temple and Michelle Pickens Decker

John Temple and Eric Ellis

Buddy Heins and Jim Phillips

Angela and Gary Gilbert

Betsy Banks Walker, Eric Ellis and Marti Winfrey Rimbault

Randy Martin, Cindy Thompson Martin and Ben Broome

Kelle Shultz, Jim Strunk and Donna Holifield Strunk

Randall Scott, Pat Shires and Randy Martin

Greg McWhorter, Jan McWhorter and Tony Pagano

Cindy Golden Contreras and Mario Contreras

Tammy Herman Ellison, ?, Rocky McClamrock and Jim Phillips

Donna Holifield Strunk and Michelle Pickens Decker

Chuck and Christine McEvoy

Tracy Belew Curlew, Michelle Pickens Decker, Vandy Vance Kanaday, John Temple, Sherra Sowards Gillespie,
Tracey Snyder Cannon, Cindy Thompson Martin, and Donna Holifield Strunk