Bearden High School Class of 1978
30 Year Reunion Pictures
The Clubhouse at Concord Marina

Below are some reunion pictures from Friday, July 25, 2008 at Concord Marina.  

Dale Gilbert, Angela Gilbert, Buddy Heins

Scott Ferguson and Tom Skaggs

Tom Skaggs (seated), Margaret Schaad, Chuck McEvoy, Christine McEvoy

Buddy Heins and Chuck McEvoy

Todd Wolf, Becky Scarbrough Wolf, Laura Van Eps, Kelly Conway

Cindy Golden Contreras, Buddy Heins and Dean Anderson

Laurie Lebert, Todd Lebert, Kay Cruze Smith, Trish Ferguson, Scott Ferguson

Christine McEvoy, Laura Van Eps, Kelly Conway, Chuck McEvoy, Dean Anderson (leaning on rail)

Parker Stair in a Mastercraft with a bunch of women!

Parker Stair and the same bunch of women!

Parker Stair and the women, again!

Shayna Heins, Cynthia Ensor, John Watson, Sherra Gillespie's back, John Temple, Scott Ferguson, Karen Stair hugging Trish Ferguson, Mindy Comer Sontag, Lacy Smith Wallace's back, Bruce Ellison, Vandy Vance Kanaday, Jill Wallace, Parker Stair's back.

Missy Mashburn Parker, Marti Winfrey Rimbault, Patti Dyke Feimster's back, Cindy Thompson Martin, Rhonda Mixon Seales, Margaret Schaad, Tammy LaFevers Ellison's back, Karen Stair's back, Cele, Kay Cruze Smith, Cliff Dorman,
Shari Moore Dorman's shoulder/back.

Todd Lebert, Cindy Golden Contreras, Mario Contreras, Donna Holifield Strunk, Laurie Lebert, Todd Wolf's back,
Becky Scarbrough, Kelly Conway (at bar), Ben Broome, Angela Gilbert (seated)

Al Barron, Mario Contreras, Patti Dyke Feimster (facing in background - Ann Williams, Ben Broome, Tood Lebert, Rusty Ensor)


Dean Anderson (back) Jimmy Clayton

Jimmy Clayton, Mario Conteras, Vandy Vance Kanaday (Todd Lebert, Rusty Ensor and Tom Skaggs in back right)

Donna Holifield Strunk, Kay Cruze Smith, Dean Anderson, Cele, Tracey Snyder Cannon

Margaret Schaad, Patti Dyke Feimster, Sis Williamson Myhre's back, Cindy Thompson Martin
(Rusty Ensor, Todd Wolf, Laura Van Eps and Dale Gilbert in background)

Sherra Sowards Gillespie, Tracey Snyder Cannon, Vandy Vance Kanaday

Boat with Ty Prince and Grady Regas (John Temple helping out)

Same boat and people

Ben Broome, Parker Stair's back, Todd Lebert, Scott Ferguson, Rusty Ensor


Laura Van Eps, Kelly Conway, Dale Gilbert, Rusty Ensor, Christine McEvoy

Greg McWhorter, Missy Mashburn Parker, John Temple's back

John Temple's back, Michelle Pickens Decker, Mindy Comer Sontag

Laura Van Eps, Kelly Conway, Patti Dyke Feimster, Cele, Bruce Ellison

Lacy Smith Wallace, Ann "AW" Williams, Parker Stair (Thor Sherman and Jill Wallace Thompson in background)

John Temple's back, Rick Hensley, Greg McWhorter, Preston Mattews,  ?

Group on the boat